Baseball and woodworking are creative art skills that purely allow the brain to think and to the reason for the benefit of a win; for baseball and creation of successful woodwork projects. They both require hands-on abilities and a little human experience to ensure you succeed beyond expectation. In baseball, teamwork is vital, since the success of a single person will not translate to a win, instead, they need to have a good butter and a pitcher to counter the opponent. Similarly, woodworking needs you to incorporate different designs and effectively use woodworking tools to produce beautiful furniture.

Why so we refer to both of them as creative arts?

You are always learning new skills every day; you will never reach your limit. Have you developed all designs in the world? Of course, no. In baseball, you will never take pride as the best team; yes, you may have the right skills, the best coaches, and the best infrastructure, but you need to learn your opponents weaknesses and strengths to enable you to customize that in your game for success.

Art needs experience that is why we have beginners and experts in creative arts skills. You achieve the experience through the long-term playing of baseball with different teams both beginners and experts and if possible participated in tournaments and championships for you to say you have many years of experience. Similarly, a woodworker needs to use various woodwork tools- ancients and modern- at the same time make successful and failed projects. Experience does not only define success but failures, too. The questions are – what aspect of the skills has failure enhanced?

You are never experienced if you are not a risk taker, creative art needs taking risks. Whatever the outcome, you are ready to still dust up yourself with positive energy for more challenges ahead. You will not just win in all baseball games that if that is the case, it means you just choose your opponents, similar to woodwork, you will have to take risks and take up the challenge despite the outcome. Most people don’t regret what they did but the things they didn’t do, so why don’t you try and atleast check tools here  or tools on this site:

Art needs passion. Passion means you can go an extra mile just to ensure you get the best out of what you do? Look at a game where it is obvious you are losing, do you resign before the game ends. No. You continue and even have fun despite the loss. You have taken all your time in designing and developing a woodworking project, a simple mistake destroys the whole furniture, you continue and make corrections until you finish the product.

Baseball and woodworking share similar characteristics as artistic skills where experience, passion and positive energy are the main drivers for success. In addition, they are stress relievers at the same time; they have health and physical benefits. Baseball is a physically intensive game, apart from having fun you are also working out and building body mass, just the same way woodwork involves a lot of lifting and physical exercises to ensure you have the best results. The building of muscle mass enhances muscular strength and reduces fat accumulation in the body reducing lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes and high blood pressure.

If you are a diehard fan of baseball you know the importance of having a baseball themed house including baseball themed bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and even bathrooms. How cool is that? We all know how to have a themed bedroom. Even a living room. But how are we going to make a bathroom with a baseball theme?

Any ideas? I know that already many crazy ideas popped into your head. But let’s be realistic. A baseball themed round floor? No. not working. So now let’s talk about some real, applicable ideas.

Let’s start with the colors. What is the color of a baseball? White with red threads? So let’s paint the walls in white first. Then get the red paint and draw the threads. How does it look like now? A toilet inside a baseball. Pretty impressive. Moving on to the big mirror on the bathroom wall and a good vanity sink compared normal toilets. Can we paint that too? Absolutely not. How about turning it into a picture frame? More like adding a baseball themed frame.

Next moving on to the toilet for real. Let’s make the lid of it look like a baseball. It sounds perfect. Adding a baseball bat as the toilet roll holder would be nice. (If you don’t consider it as an insult to the game) Then turn the toilet bowl into an actual toilet ball. You can check this,  It might look funny to the others but for a crazy baseball lover, it’s totally normal and fine.

There is more than one option for this theming. We already tried the “turning the toilet into a ball” idea. There are many other fresh ideas left in the bucket. What if we can turn the floor of the toilet into a baseball pitch? So every time you go to the toilet it’s a real game inside.

Even the cloth holders can be replaced by baseball bat shaped equipment to make it more realistic and interesting. Even the handheld or the flusher can be replaced with a bat. The baseball toilet inside the baseball, this sounds good so far. Still, the tank is there untouched. What can we do with that? Maybe stick a quote of a famous baseball player. Or you can even stick a picture of your favorite player if that doesn’t sound weird to you.

The new idea already on the way. Wait, we can use the tank as a scoreboard holder. (Well doesn’t this sound so cool?) In our indoor baseball stadium we already have the pitch, ball and the bat, even a scoreboard is there. What else are we missing? Audience? Oh no, drawing audience will scare away all the visitors that use the home bathroom. We can’t take that risk.

So apart from the audience is there anything else we can add? How about a souvenir parlor? Turn all the toothbrush holders, soap holders into things that are related to baseball. Make the brush holder look like you cut open a baseball to put in the toothbrushes. When you are so obsessed with something it’s really easy to turn into something creative and passionate. I know that you might have way cooler baseball theme ideas. So don’t wait up. Go make your own baseball pitch and win the game. Make your toilet a real game field.


The sports industry has no option but to embrace technology in various departments. The positive impact in the current times has improved efficiency in the sports world. Baseball is not left out either; innovation of technology is a timely idea. The baseball game has actively embraced technology with a bang. On the other hand, critics look at it from a single point of the view a way to reduce the pace of the game and not looking at effectiveness. Technocrats look at it as a way of enjoying the flow of the game with minimum interruptions. The physically intensive game needs alertness from the umpires to ensure the right results are released to the players and the public. Technology has come in handy to guarantee correct results. The use of GPS technology in International Baseball league is a revelation on how it has refined the baseball sport. Baseball has many controversies among umpires on the exact location where the ball lands.

GPS system helps reduce such human errors by showing the exact point where the ball hits to avoid any discrepancies. The GPS system is installed on the ball, to help track every movement of the ball in the field. Almost All People now uses Motorcycle with GPS and make sure they are wearing the right gear such as helmets and jackets which can be found in these Sites: and

The old way of using video replay is past tense. GPS system supports navigation, it’s able to replay the game to assist main, and side umpires make the right decision on ball landing. This helps reduce human errors because of guesswork. If there is a fall and an umpire needs to ensure the ball is placed in the right place without any favor or team advantage the technology is the best.

Baseball practice

When doing baseball practice you are sure of working within the right international standards. At the end of the game, you are able to watch the movement of the ball from the beginning to the end of the game. As a baseball player, you are able to point out mistakes and see your areas of weaknesses for improvement. GPS technology takes the position of your couch although; you cannot completely do away with your couch because of the technical experience.

Umpire communication

In some baseball games, hey only use two umpires because of technicalities of the game, the management is forced to hire the third umpire as an extra eye, GPS system helps in communication between them so as to allow crucial decision making. The advantage of GPS technology is the wireless communication, which is compatible with various GPS devices.

Coordinating matches

When you have various baseball matches in different pitches, you are able to communicate and coordinate all the matches without physically being present. This is the same system, which also assists in broadcasting the event live on various radio and TV stations across the world.

Change is growth. GPS technology in baseball is a great change in the industry. Its significance cannot be compared to the old system. Despite controversies, it is evident that it is the best innovation for baseball players and lovers. Its effect cut across in all other sports in a similar way.



As a sport, ping-pong has similar traits to table tennis. Both games have to be played on a table. The two games have a very small difference. Both genders and children play Ping-pong as well, it got the same scoring as shuffle board with scoring system. In its invention, it was meant to be played just for fun, but with time, it became a competitive sport around the globe. Its originality is traced back to the Victorian England where it was played by people from the high class as an entertainment game after dinner. Ping Pong have been a known game all over the world just like foosball ( because you can play it indoor.

Baseball, on the other hand, is a sport loved by many and is considered as a big part of the American history. It is a game that was originally played to pass time but in time it grew to be a household game, played by all. Baseball is a sport that requires the combination of many different physical and mental talents. There are different areas in baseball where people can choose from and specialize in one area.

Similarities on ping-pong and baseball

Both games are played using small symmetrical balls

– You have to hit the ball while playing

– They both have their own house rules they follow

– Both games were played for fun originally and they are still being played for fun

– Both games are played at a competitive level as well.

– Both games require bats to hit the ball

The similarities are not many though both games attract different crowds and fun as well.

Differences between ping-pong and baseball

– The weight of the ball used in playing ping-pong is lighter than the one used in baseball, which is harder and heavy.

– Playing baseball involves a number of players for each team while in ping pong the number of players is normally one or two on each side of the team

– For the ping-pong, the ball has to hit on the table first before going to the net while in baseball the player who has the bat has to hit the ball has far as possible

– Baseball is a very interesting game but very complex has well as opposed to ping pong, which is a simple fun game that does not have complexities

– Baseball requires one to master at least one particular area of the game, while ping pong has no different areas to be mastered other than knowing how to play the ball well to win

– While baseball has to be played on an open field and requires a big space, Ping-Pong on the other hand only requires a slightly bigger space

– Ping -pong cannot be played in the absence of a table while baseball does not require any table to play.

– These two games differ in equipment, rules, and terminologies used on and off the playing field

– In baseball when a hitter hits the ball he is supposed to run around the field while in ping pong the game is about hitting the ball back and forth.

– Both Ping-Pong and baseball games have the ability to bring out the best in each player it is fun and open to all levels of people regardless of size, gender and location. Though baseball is much popular in the US ping pong is catching up in popularity.



Playing games is fun. Playing sports is love. Why? You got to love the sports you’re in. If you love your sports, no matter how hard, how you think you can’t do, no matter how many times you’ve fall, whatever obstacles you’ll encounter in training or to achieve your goals, those hardships will be worth it in the end, and you’ll think, yeah, I should not give because I love what I am doing.


Playing baseball is hard. No questions ask. It is given and it is fact. But why those baseball players still continue what they are doing? Why they still continue to play the sports they’ve chose? It is because they love what they are doing and the fun it brings in our hearts.


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