Ping-Pong verses Baseball -Fundamental Similarities and Differences

As a sport, ping-pong has similar traits to table tennis. Both games have to be played on a table. The two games have a very small difference. Both genders and children play Ping-pong as well, it got the same scoring as shuffle board with scoring system. In its invention, it was meant to be played just for fun, but with time, it became a competitive sport around the globe. Its originality is traced back to the Victorian England where it was played by people from the high class as an entertainment game after dinner. Ping Pong have been a known game all over the world just like foosball ( because you can play it indoor.

Baseball, on the other hand, is a sport loved by many and is considered as a big part of the American history. It is a game that was originally played to pass time but in time it grew to be a household game, played by all. Baseball is a sport that requires the combination of many different physical and mental talents. There are different areas in baseball where people can choose from and specialize in one area.

Similarities on ping-pong and baseball

Both games are played using small symmetrical balls

– You have to hit the ball while playing

– They both have their own house rules they follow

– Both games were played for fun originally and they are still being played for fun

– Both games are played at a competitive level as well.

– Both games require bats to hit the ball

The similarities are not many though both games attract different crowds and fun as well.

Differences between ping-pong and baseball

– The weight of the ball used in playing ping-pong is lighter than the one used in baseball, which is harder and heavy.

– Playing baseball involves a number of players for each team while in ping pong the number of players is normally one or two on each side of the team

– For the ping-pong, the ball has to hit on the table first before going to the net while in baseball the player who has the bat has to hit the ball has far as possible

– Baseball is a very interesting game but very complex has well as opposed to ping pong, which is a simple fun game that does not have complexities

– Baseball requires one to master at least one particular area of the game, while ping pong has no different areas to be mastered other than knowing how to play the ball well to win

– While baseball has to be played on an open field and requires a big space, Ping-Pong on the other hand only requires a slightly bigger space

– Ping -pong cannot be played in the absence of a table while baseball does not require any table to play.

– These two games differ in equipment, rules, and terminologies used on and off the playing field

– In baseball when a hitter hits the ball he is supposed to run around the field while in ping pong the game is about hitting the ball back and forth.

– Both Ping-Pong and baseball games have the ability to bring out the best in each player it is fun and open to all levels of people regardless of size, gender and location. Though baseball is much popular in the US ping pong is catching up in popularity.