How technology has changed baseball

The sports industry has no option but to embrace technology in various departments. The positive impact in the current times has improved efficiency in the sports world. Baseball is not left out either; innovation of technology is a timely idea. The baseball game has actively embraced technology with a bang. On the other hand, critics look at it from a single point of the view a way to reduce the pace of the game and not looking at effectiveness. Technocrats look at it as a way of enjoying the flow of the game with minimum interruptions. The physically intensive game needs alertness from the umpires to ensure the right results are released to the players and the public. Technology has come in handy to guarantee correct results. The use of GPS technology in International Baseball league is a revelation on how it has refined the baseball sport. Baseball has many controversies among umpires on the exact location where the ball lands.

GPS system helps reduce such human errors by showing the exact point where the ball hits to avoid any discrepancies. The GPS system is installed on the ball, to help track every movement of the ball in the field. Almost All People now uses Motorcycle with GPS and make sure they are wearing the right gear such as helmets and jackets which can be found in these Sites: and

The old way of using video replay is past tense. GPS system supports navigation, it’s able to replay the game to assist main, and side umpires make the right decision on ball landing. This helps reduce human errors because of guesswork. If there is a fall and an umpire needs to ensure the ball is placed in the right place without any favor or team advantage the technology is the best.

Baseball practice

When doing baseball practice you are sure of working within the right international standards. At the end of the game, you are able to watch the movement of the ball from the beginning to the end of the game. As a baseball player, you are able to point out mistakes and see your areas of weaknesses for improvement. GPS technology takes the position of your couch although; you cannot completely do away with your couch because of the technical experience.

Umpire communication

In some baseball games, hey only use two umpires because of technicalities of the game, the management is forced to hire the third umpire as an extra eye, GPS system helps in communication between them so as to allow crucial decision making. The advantage of GPS technology is the wireless communication, which is compatible with various GPS devices.

Coordinating matches

When you have various baseball matches in different pitches, you are able to communicate and coordinate all the matches without physically being present. This is the same system, which also assists in broadcasting the event live on various radio and TV stations across the world.

Change is growth. GPS technology in baseball is a great change in the industry. Its significance cannot be compared to the old system. Despite controversies, it is evident that it is the best innovation for baseball players and lovers. Its effect cut across in all other sports in a similar way.