Baseball design for toilets

If you are a diehard fan of baseball you know the importance of having a baseball themed house including baseball themed bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and even bathrooms. How cool is that? We all know how to have a themed bedroom. Even a living room. But how are we going to make a bathroom with a baseball theme?

Any ideas? I know that already many crazy ideas popped into your head. But let’s be realistic. A baseball themed round floor? No. not working. So now let’s talk about some real, applicable ideas.

Let’s start with the colors. What is the color of a baseball? White with red threads? So let’s paint the walls in white first. Then get the red paint and draw the threads. How does it look like now? A toilet inside a baseball. Pretty impressive. Moving on to the big mirror on the bathroom wall and a good vanity sink compared normal toilets. Can we paint that too? Absolutely not. How about turning it into a picture frame? More like adding a baseball themed frame.

Next moving on to the toilet for real. Let’s make the lid of it look like a baseball. It sounds perfect. Adding a baseball bat as the toilet roll holder would be nice. (If you don’t consider it as an insult to the game) Then turn the toilet bowl into an actual toilet ball. You can check this,  It might look funny to the others but for a crazy baseball lover, it’s totally normal and fine.

There is more than one option for this theming. We already tried the “turning the toilet into a ball” idea. There are many other fresh ideas left in the bucket. What if we can turn the floor of the toilet into a baseball pitch? So every time you go to the toilet it’s a real game inside.

Even the cloth holders can be replaced by baseball bat shaped equipment to make it more realistic and interesting. Even the handheld or the flusher can be replaced with a bat. The baseball toilet inside the baseball, this sounds good so far. Still, the tank is there untouched. What can we do with that? Maybe stick a quote of a famous baseball player. Or you can even stick a picture of your favorite player if that doesn’t sound weird to you.

The new idea already on the way. Wait, we can use the tank as a scoreboard holder. (Well doesn’t this sound so cool?) In our indoor baseball stadium we already have the pitch, ball and the bat, even a scoreboard is there. What else are we missing? Audience? Oh no, drawing audience will scare away all the visitors that use the home bathroom. We can’t take that risk.

So apart from the audience is there anything else we can add? How about a souvenir parlor? Turn all the toothbrush holders, soap holders into things that are related to baseball. Make the brush holder look like you cut open a baseball to put in the toothbrushes. When you are so obsessed with something it’s really easy to turn into something creative and passionate. I know that you might have way cooler baseball theme ideas. So don’t wait up. Go make your own baseball pitch and win the game. Make your toilet a real game field.